Using The Hotel Beds For Your Toddlers With Portable Bed Rails

A new way that many families have adopted in travelling with their children is to simply book enough beds for every family member including their children. For families who have conquered the fear of having their children sleep on these beds the only advice you get is to ensure they are safe using the travel portable bed guards.

The fear of your child rolling and falling is enough to keep you awake the whole night.  You do not want to risk injury or worse still death through these falls, therefore it’s wise to invest in these portable toddler bed railsUsing The Hotel Beds For Your Toddlers With Portable Bed Rails

Example of the portable bed rails

  • British Bed Bumper–These bed rails are 100 cms long and made of foam. They require no assembly, easy to fit on the bed and simple to use.  They simply lie directly on the mattress and tightly held in place by your fitted sheets.   They are 100% safe without the danger of entrapmentbetween the bed and guard.  These bed rails are suitable for all bed types and for any age of the child and perfect for travel.  They cost only $10.99 and are available on Amazon.  The foam is made soft to avoid hurting or injuring the little ones even if they climbed on it.  It makes a firm rail that cannot be moved even in their sleep even if they are co-sleeping.  The foam bumpers tucked in under the sheets remain hidden especially from children who hate bed rails, this kind of bed makes them feel all grown.  It weighs about 350g and bends/folds easily making it easier way to carry them around and fits easily in a suitcase or backpack.
  • Safety 1st Portable Compact Fold Bedrail–These safe bed rails are safe to use on children aged 18 months to 5 years making them safe in their sleep. It keeps the toddlers safe in their sleep without rolling off the bed.  They allow easy access to the bed by folding down for easy access.  These rails can be used for standard beds or slatted beds.  They are 156 cm allowing a mattress depth of 10cm and 26cm. They are safe to use as they are made of metal and covered with fabric and netting.  They are easy to fold and pack both for storage and travel especially because they fold flat.  They come fully assembled and do not require anything else besides fixing.  They weigh only 3.225 kgs. which is nothing much even if you are flying out.
  • Toddler bed rails by the Shrunks – These are inflatable bed rails suitable for ages 2 years onwards. They come with a foot pump and a storage bag for convenience portability.  They are available for toddler bed sizes, King or Queen Size beds and kid size beds.  They are BPA free and lead free making them safe for the children.  They are easily fixed on the bed using the tucking under bedsheets method and firm to keep the child safe from rolling off the bed.

You have no reason to sit up the entire night watching your little ones from rolling off intheir sleep, for only a few dollars you can ensure your entire family is secured in their beds and allow you to enjoy a peaceful night.